Coal Crash?

Coal Crash?

Things sure seem to be going our way lately.  Two years ago, coal mining seemed a done deal. Now, it looks like at least one of the proposed  coal mines are all mucked up.

So, who gets the credit for this turn of events?

Well,for starters, YOU!

Over the last several years, hundreds of you have shown up at every hearing, rally, and informational event we could muster!  You’ve made signs, talked to your neighbors, shouted chants, spoke in public, and written dozens of letters.

This has all made a HUGE DIFFERENCE!  THANK YOU!

If you haven’t been following the news, including all the great letters to the paper written by your neighbors, check out our In the News page.


The other reason we are seeing a slowing in Usibelli’s exploration plans is due to a stroke of luck.  It seems that many in the coal industry are now predicting that coal’s heyday may be coming to a close.  In short, coal isn’t selling.  This makes the development of new mines far less likely when existing mines are losing business.

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Is any of this a sure victory for a coal free future?  Not yet.  But have heart and stay motivated.  We are well on our way to claiming our healthy futures back here in the Mat-Su!