The abundant natural resources in the watershed nourish the families that live here.


Wildlife in the area depend on the largely intact ecosystems. Proposed coal mines on over 20,000 acres of the Mat Valley threaten these ecosystems and our way of life. TAKE ACTION today. Click on the slide to add your name to our petition to protect our community.

High Water

High water in the Matanuska River.


Wetlands near Chickaloon are important habitat for moose, birds, and beavers. Various projects, including coal development, threaten these sensitive areas. TAKE ACTION today. Click on the slide to add your name to our petition to protect our community from coal development.

Scenic By Way

Glenn Highway near Chickaloon, a National Scenic Byway, winds its way through the Matanuska River valley. Double-loaded coal trucks could be rolling down this highway if the 3 proposed coal mines are opened in the Matanuska Valley. Click here to learn more.


Many residents of Chickaloon and the Matanuska watershed heat their homes with wood.


Join us in our efforts to protect the unique qualities of the Matanuska River watershed.  The mountains, rivers, lakes, trails, wild country and communities here are truly special.   We need your voice as well as your financial support.  Donations are much appreciated and help defray the costs of our legal fees, research and public outreach.

The Castle Mountain Coalition is looking forward to the day when the Matanuska River watershed is adequately protected for future generations, wildlife, migratory inhabitants and visitors.  Until then, we are committed “to promote and preserve ecological integrity, economic sustainability and quality of life within the Matanuska River watershed”.  With your help we can make a difference.

Castle Mountain Coalition is a 501 (c)(3) so donations are tax deductible.


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