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CMC’s MineWatch program was developed to facilitate grassroots monitoring of the coal industry in the Matanuska Watershed. No one is in a better position to monitor industry and defend their communities than those living on the front lines of extraction. We want to empower citizens to hold the coal industrial-regulatory complex accountable for the negative impacts it has on our communities. We want corporations to follow the rules that are meant to protect us, and we want the regulatory agencies to enforce those rules. We do not trust these institutions to do this on their own, and we intend to play a direct roll in ensuring the safety of our homes and families.

The MineWatch program provides training and online resources to help people digest regulatory alphabet soup, and know who to contact when problems arise. CMC organizes hikes and other outings to familiarize ourselves with the local geography, engage new volunteers, and monitor industrial activity. We maintain a database of observations and photo and video documentation. The MineWatch program is intended to facilitate citizen engagement in the regulatory process; it is not intended as another institutional substitute for an engaged citizenry.

CMC strives to provide the resources and support needed to protect our communities.

If you are interested in joining our program as a MineWatch Volunteer, please follow the link below.

MineWatch Volunteer Program Information


You don’t need to be a CMC volunteer to report a possible problem! ¬†Below are the resources you need to do your your own citizen enforcement.


2015 MineWatch List of Observations

What to look for as a MineWatch Volunteer


Information on the proposed mines:

Map of the permit boundaries in Chickaloon

Map of the permit boundaries at Wishbone Hill and Jonesville

Summary of Exploration Permit in Chickaloon

Summary of Permits at Wishbone Hill

Summary of All Three Permits (Common Provisions)


Reporting violations:

Agency Contacts Updated 2015

Guide to reporting violations