Support OR 21-006, Jonesville Public Use Area, Jan 19 2021

Make your voice heard Tuesday January 19th, 6 p.m., when the Borough Assembly considers Ordinance 21-006  adopting the draft plan for the Jonesville Public Use Area.  You can testify in person or on the phone (1-855-225-2326) or email the entire Assembly at,

Many of you will remember our hikes examining the marvelous fossil fields at the Jonesville Mine site.  Unfortunately, many also remember our last hike when we had to ask people to stop shooting at a target set up virtually on the path to the fossil site.  We have not been back.  It is this sort of disrespectful activity (and worse) that prompted concerned citizens to develop a plan to make the area safer. To see the most recent (October 2020) plan, go to Jonesville Public Use Area Management Plan

Here is some information:

  • Sutton Community Council and others have worked for years to develop the plan.  People in the community and the Chickaloon Native Village overwhelmingly support this plan.
  • The Plan would focus on recreation, including camping sites, information kiosk(s) and hiking. A shooting range would be developed, to allow for controlled shooting. The Borough Assembly has funding to devote to development of these recreational facilities.
  • The Plan has been approved by the MatSu Borough Parks and Trails commission and Planning Commission.
  • If the MatSu Borough Assembly approves the plan, the next step is for DNR to sign off on it. DNR would have to review the plan and sign it, or send it back for specific revisions.