Time to speak up!

Time to speak up!

Tell the AK Mental Health Trust not to harm public health.

 The Alaska Mental Health Trust has sold two of the biggest coal leases in Alaska, the Chuitna watershed and 10,000 acres near Chickaloon in the Matanuska Valley, to coal mining companies with plans to strip mine through mountains and salmon streams—all for export to coal-burning power plants and smelters in Asia.
Your friends and neighbors are counting on you.  Join them next week to tell the AK Mental Health Trust board that funding mental health programs through coal leases is a horrible idea.  If you are a mom you can also sign the Mother’s Against Mercury Petition at:
Need help knowing what to say?  Here are some ideas.
 September 5th, 2012

Public comment starts at 4:20 pm

Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
3745 Community Park Loop, Suite 120, Anchorage AK 99508



Call in option:

 Teleconference Info: WEDNESDAY, 09/05/12: – Call in number: (866)-469-3239 – Session number: 800 705 591 # – Attendee Number: #