What’s the BUZZ about?

What’s the BUZZ about?


A swarm is coming to Chickaloon!  The Beehive Design Collective is heading this way to share their “True Cost of Coal” graphics campaign!


Two years in the making, “The True Cost of Coal” is an elaborate narrative illustration that explores the complex story of mountaintop removal coal mining and the broader impacts of coal in Appalachia and beyond.

To create the poster, the Beehive interviewed hundreds of community members throughout the Appalachia region. “We feel it’s extremely important to gather our information from as close to the source as possible,” a Beehive illustrator says.

The Bees craft visual metaphors and weave them together in a patchwork “quilt” of personal stories. In their interactive picture-lectures, the Bees lead audiences through an engaging, larger-than-life banner version of the graphic, interweaving anecdotes, statistics, and history.

Everyone is invited to this once in a lifetime opportunity!

WHEN: Friday, Aug 10th at 6pm

WHERE: The home of Malea & Thomas Roed:

From Palmer: Slow down around mile 70 or you will miss the turn. Turn Left on Fish Lake Rd/Mile 72.9. Drive a few miles down twisty turny road. You will think you are going the wrong way, but you are not. Take a Left at the “T” (you will also see the only lightpost in Chickaloon at the “T”.) Drive past the “Detour” sign. Take a Right where  4 corners intersect at the next “intersection” (no signs distinguish 4 corners..its just the only 4 corners we have in Chickaloon. If you go down a scary steep narrow hill and end at the Chickaloon River you went too far.) You will see an airstrip on the right. There house is the 2nd drive on the left. You can park in the 3rd drive on the left, or off the side of the road.

If you are coming fromChickaloon   River Road. Go up hill. Take Left at 4 Corners. Follow rest of directions.

Call Melea at: 529-1881 if you get lost or need better directions.

Campers are welcome.