Winning the Battle

Winning the Battle




Two major victories were announced this week!


First, Usibelli announced that due to permitting delays and a declining coal market, they are pausing their exploration for now.

Says Lorali Simon,VP of External Affairs for Usibelli, “Due to delays in the permitting process, as well as a pretty significant decline in the global coal market, we are not conducting exploration this summer.”

Could it be that all our noise is finally turning the tide?







Another major victory was handed to us by the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) yesterday.

According to OSM, “From available evidence it appears that DNR did not lawfully grant an extension of time to commence mining operations in its decision of October 23, 1996; consequently, it would appear that the permits terminated as a matter of law and that DNR’s purported reneweal of the permits was also invalid.”

Read the entire decision HERE.

It looks like they might not be able to keep us out much longer!







Is this the beginning of the end for Usibelli and their plan to destroy our homes and way of life?

Thanks to all of YOU, we are finally achieving some major wins.

But the pressure isn’t off yet.  Wishbone Hill is only one of three coal mines in development in the Mat-Su.  With continued help from all of you, we will topple them all one by one.  Go Team!